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Labor Moves

Baby coming? If you aren’t doing daily exercises let’s start there! Go check it out if you are pregnant.

🤰🏾When in labor, you can and should be moving throughout to keep the body’s natural progression toward the goal of birth. Don’t forget to rest, hydrate and nourish.

🐣There is no way to know when you will start laboring, but knowing what to do when it does helps.

🙌🏾A few of my favorite moves we did at the last unmedicated birth:

All fours with pillows under knees on the floor or do it in bed. You can support your upper body on a birthing ball like I did in the video. Try tucking and untucking your hips in that position.

Side lying release, when done properly with the right pressure applied to the hips during a contraction it can help create more space in the pelvis for baby to come down.

Sitting on a ball with some fun music to move your hips in an exaggerated circle motion helps tilt the pelvis in different angles forward, back and side to side. Giving baby different pockets of space to wiggle down easily.

Forward leaning is done by standing over any surface, put some pillows there for comfort to rest on the surface. Keep your knees a little bent and spread the legs open shoulder width. Great to be in this position for resting between waves. When the wave hits, bend your knees and bring your butt down to squatting almost and away side to side to shake that discomfort away.

Standing and hanging includes a partner, you wrap your arms around their neck and shoulders to rest and when the wave hits it’s time to slow dance it out. Let your body go and be weightless as you use your partner for strength. You can drip the booty all the way down while holding onto your partner‘s arms and hands or just do circles standing up.

Supported squats are great during labor. Lunges are awesome too! Place one leg on a chair or couch, lunge into the leg that’s up.

Play around with the position of your feet. Try pointing your toes out and in which actually changed the parts of the pelvis that are opening.

Always think down, open and out. Breathe and work with your baby through labor, you are a dynamic chosen team. You got this!

✨Read my blog for more tips…

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