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How to: Birth Prep + Induction Tips

Let’s learn ways we can prepare ourselves for birth physically, mentally and emotionally. Photo Credit: my real client, Mama Danielle (the millionaire realtor extraordinaire) & I was her doula & lactation consultant with both babes. One natural water birth & one natural earth side birth. She did an amazing job and if you need to buy a house, she's the perfect agent for families! We will learn: Birthing While Black - A Birth Plan; created for Black families by me, Black doula

10 Recipes + Ways to Eat Date Fruit for a Shorter & Easier Birth!

Hi, I’m Charda, a mom, doula and lactation consultant in San Diego, California and I love teaching families how to have a more healthy and positive pregnancy, birth, parenting & breastfeeding experience! My focus is on empowering Black moms, babies and families to be resilient, informed and protected on their life journey! Read my blog at Watch - on YouTube, Tik Tok, IG Reels Like, Follow, Share with all your friends, family and social networks! Connect

How much do contractions really hurt? Ways to cope!

Let’s learn about contraction discomfort, you can do this! Watch the YouTube Video Here How does a contraction feel? What are braxton hicks and how do I know if my contractions are real or fake? When and how to start timing contractions? How can I support my partner during contractions? I’m scared of the intensity of labor and contractions, what can I do to cope? These are some of the questions I’m most commonly asked or that I hear. Have no fear, the doula is here! This is m

Breastfeeding Shouldn't Hurt, Let's Troubleshoot It!

Watch - on YouTube, Tik Tok, IG Reels Like, Follow, Share with all your friends, family and social networks! Connect in the comments. Watch the video on YouTube for my fav remedies! Sore nipples, breast/chest pain and discomfort with feeding or pumping are some of the most common concerns of my clients and mama friends. Not all nursing people experience nipple soreness, but it is very common for both new and experienced lactating people to have some level of discomfort or sen

Do you find yourself "eating" your baby?!

You are casually chatting with a friend or watching a show and you are feeding your beautiful baby, then out of nowhere you start "nibbling" on your baby's fingers, toes and cheeks! It's normal. No, you aren't a "weirdo", no you aren't crazy, you are human and your baby is deliciously cute in a DNA human milk making way. Did you know that the type of milk you create is specific to your baby? Yes, it's true! Your milk is specially made to order for your baby based off their sm

When should you introduce a pacifier?

Babies don't NEED pacifiers, despite many images depicting babies with pacifiers in their mouths as though it's something a baby must go home from the hospital with! Not true, for most. Ok, so the for most part means this...most babies don't need to go to NICU or be separated from the mother after giving birth. In the case that the baby does need to be medically intervened on and therefore separated from the mother, that means they DO need a pacifier. Why? It's simple, babies