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Labor Positions + Comfort Measures

Comfort isn’t the same for everyone, so that’s why as I doula, I come prepared with a plethora (like the word didn't you!) of comfort measures to help keep my clients relaxed and engaged during their birthing experience. In this blog I will cover a few of my favorites, but this isn’t my whole list, just a few easy peasy ones I know most folks will be able to do. We will learn: Feel free to click on the titles above to jump ahead and skip to the section you need! Comfort measu

Job Ideas for Pregnant Folks or New Parents

I've had a few folks questioning how to find work or what type of work they can or should do while pregnant if looking for work. It can be especially stressful looking or starting a new job while pregnant, not to mention the bias and pregnancy discrimination that sometimes comes with interviews whether intentional or not. My best advice for those looking to enter workplace while pregnant is to take advantage of this pandemic and the gig economy and try to find a job you can w