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How to Increase Your Milk Supply

Milk supply is a common concern amongst parents.

If you are worried you are not alone!

Society tells you your milk isn't enough many ways. Formula predatory marketing in your hospital discharge bag, arriving at your door via your baby registry info, and your well meaning mother or mother in law, do not help your confidence to stick with your goal to exclusively breastfeed.

The truth is, most people make enough and by enough I mean the correct amount of milk for your baby.

You can know this by making sure your baby is gaining appropriately for their age. Creating good output with diapers. Listening for audible gulping when they are drinking. Watching for hunger and full cues and catching them early.

The fool proof guaranteed way to increase your milk supply is to feed or pump more.

Some people want to do a bit more to try and improve supply. Here are 5 ways:

  1. Power pumping

  2. Right flange size

  3. Deep latch

  4. Galactagogues

  5. Avoid booby traps : decongestants, hormonal birth control, missed feeds/pumps

You may not actually have low supply. Check with a lactation consultant if you are not sure.

Be sure you are feeding or pumping every 2-3 hours (not going longer than 5-6 hours) and at least once at night to maintain a full supply while baby is under 6 months.

Key indicators things are OK:

  • In the early months, babies should gain about 4-7oz per week.

  • Baby is putting out lots of pee and poop diapers.

  • Average output is about 2-4oz total in a pump session if you are exclusively pumping.

  • Average output is about 1-2oz total in a pump session if you are also feeding at breast.

Remember the pump is no indication of how much milk your baby is getting. Low pump output doesn't necessarily mean you have a low supply.

Most people make enough milk for their babies, even twins. True insufficient milk production is rare. Next time someone says some people just can't produce milk, tell them to come holla at me so I can school them lol.

If you have pain with pumping or feeding, baby is not gaining well or putting out less than 6-8 wet diapers 1 poop diaper, or you are consistently pumping less than 1-2oz per pump session, seek guidance of an IBCLC lactation consultant.

Still need help?

I offer virtual consults and in person for flange fitting. You can be anywhere for virtual. San Diego at my clinic for in person.

Visits for Black parents are FREE. Book here and choose the BIPOC virtual or clinic option.

All others pay cash or use insurance to book here.

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