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Galactagogues : Herbs, Foods and Substances that promote lactation

Many lactation consultants don't really love the idea of discussing galactagogues. This is mostly because they believe that frequent and effective milk removal is most efficient way to increasing supply. I agree. However, I'm also an IBCLC that is like "hey if it works for you and/or makes you feel better about things and doesn't cause any harm then why not."

Sometimes mood can be everything with breastfeeding, so let's pump these mamas up (pun intended hehe) if it makes them happy it makes me happy. As I say to my clients "if you like it I love it and I'm here for it"

What is a galactagogue?

Foods, herbs, and even prescription medications that promote lactation.

Fun fact:

The Greek origin of the word galacta means milk

Mid 17th century: from Latin lactatio(n- ), from lactare ‘suckle’, from lac, lact- ‘milk’.

Per Wikipedia:

The myth of the milk of Hera (Ancient Greek: Ἥρας γάλα, romanizedHḗras gala) is an ancient Greek mythand explanation of the origin of the Milky Way within the context of creation myths. The standard telling goes that the mythical hero Heracles, as an infant, breastfed from an unsuspecting Hera, the goddess of marriage and Zeus's wife, who threw him away, causing a little bit of her milk to splash and create the galaxy with all its stars.

At my support groups and on my TikTok, the most frequently asked question is "how do I make more milk?"

Folks not trained in the science of lactation are quick to offer up answers that may be incorrect, have no evidence and might even be harmful to you.

Always speak with a lactation consultant to find out what might be best for you as an individual.

I can't stress it enough that galactagogues don't work on their own to boost your milk supply. You must also be nursing or pumping regularly.

There’s no medical evidence that any galactagogues, aside from a small number of pharmaceutical options, are truly effective at increasing milk.

Some people will fight you until the death that certain foods made a world of difference for them. Looking at you Body Armor queens 😂

I posted a video on TikTok on how body armor drink doesn't boost supply by itself. It received well over 1/2 a million views and 20.5k likes with over 300 comments. They will fight you on what they believe to be true.


Before you jump to the quick fix, if you are truly concerned about your milk supply, the first step is to contact an IBCLC lactation consultant.

You may not need to worry about increa