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Mother and Baby on Floor

Welcome to Parenthood

All the things they don't tell or teach you about feeding or carrying a tiny'll find it here.

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Baby Poop...Is this normal?!

I get a lot of questions around baby poop, gas and tummy issues. As a lactation consultant, it's within my scope to discuss these things...

Avoid Booby Traps! Milk supply sabotages

I often get lactation consult requests or just questions at support group about milk supply dips. It can be very scary when your supply...

Does Coconut Oil Increase Milk Supply?

TikTok and social media in general has become THE place for trends and finding how to "easy" solutions to almost anything. The bad part...

How to Increase Your Milk Supply

Milk supply is a common concern amongst parents. If you are worried you are not alone! Society tells you your milk isn't enough many...

Chest&Breastfeeding Ed - Part I

I’m posting this to my instagram as well because I realized just how little the general public understands about human milk production....

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