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The Flipple Nipple : How to Get A Deep Latch

This beautiful babe had an wonderful latch immediately from birth. I was her doula so I know 😏

Deep latch is a way of latching that allows your baby to not just hold onto the nipple which causes pain, damage and low supply. Also causes frustration for the baby poor milk transfer when little to nothing is coming out because of it.

All parents and babies should practice this skill. I say practice because it's a learning curve but you'll get it with time and effort at your own speed.

Here's the way to do it:

  1. Get a good comfy position, any will do.

  2. Hold baby neck and shoulders for support and don't push the head or they will push away from you

  3. Take bottom of breast up and over the nose

  4. Bring it down and bring baby in

That's it!

The Flipple nipple technique also called exaggerated latch can be seen here:

And I demonstrate deep latch here on my TikTok:

Happy latching, keep trying you'll get it!

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