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Want a Supply Boost? Power Pump!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Power pumping is a style of pumping that mimics cluster feeding which is when baby is eating in those short tiny frequent bursts which is your baby's way of telling your body to produce more milk and the right kind just for them!

If you are struggling with supply issues, this may be a nice trick to incorporate into your skillset as a lactating parent. If you are not struggling with supply issues, you may have a dip in the future due to a period returning, stress or baby not effectively transferring due to oral restrictions or something else.

Last two weeks I've had a large number of clients contact me with supply concerns, and as they were valid, we put them on this pumping plan that included power pumping 1-2x in a 24 hour period for just 2-3 days or so and it worked like a charm for all of them!

See real client results here:

Simply save this cheat sheet to your phone and use it for the next time you feel the need to do some power pumping. Happy Pumping and Latching!

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