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When should you introduce a pacifier?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Babies don't NEED pacifiers, despite many images depicting babies with pacifiers in their mouths as though it's something a baby must go home from the hospital with! Not true, for most. Ok, so the for most part means this...most babies don't need to go to NICU or be separated from the mother after giving birth. In the case that the baby does need to be medically intervened on and therefore separated from the mother, that means they DO need a pacifier.

Why? It's simple, babies are born with a high suck need and contrary to what you think or have heard, they are born full NOT hungry. So they need to suck in order to help clean out the poop. If baby doesn't poop, they are at risk of developing jaundice. Scared?! Don't be. Feed your baby on demand, and frequently in order to avoid this and if you can't because the baby is separated from you make sure they have a pacifier so they can suck.

You're not a pacifier, even if you feel like it, your baby is simply doing what it needs to do in order to survive. Take my breastfeeding class to learn more about why this all makes sense.

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