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Do you find yourself "eating" your baby?!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

You are casually chatting with a friend or watching a show and you are feeding your beautiful baby, then out of nowhere you start "nibbling" on your baby's fingers, toes and cheeks! It's normal. No, you aren't a "weirdo", no you aren't crazy, you are human and your baby is deliciously cute in a DNA human milk making way.

Did you know that the type of milk you create is specific to your baby? Yes, it's true! Your milk is specially made to order for your baby based off their smell. Your body sometimes naturally finds itself trying to smell and nibble your baby to know what your body needs to create that special milk.

So, next time you find yourself going "nom nom nom" on your baby's little fingers, now you know why!

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Charda Bell
Charda Bell
Feb 18, 2021


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