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Job Ideas for Pregnant Folks or New Parents

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I've had a few folks questioning how to find work or what type of work they can or should do while pregnant if looking for work. It can be especially stressful looking or starting a new job while pregnant, not to mention the bias and pregnancy discrimination that sometimes comes with interviews whether intentional or not.

My best advice for those looking to enter workplace while pregnant is to take advantage of this pandemic and the gig economy and try to find a job you can work remotely/from home. For many companies, like my day job, working remote became an option we had the ability to choose and has been very flexible for many mothers like myself.

I recommend looking for remote work first and then if you have to work in an actual location, try to avoid places that have large amounts of chemicals or toxins like gas stations, bus driving, or things that involve pollutants.

You could also be an entrepreneur and start your own business. Finally turn that candle craft into an Etsy shop or love nurturing folks, be a doula! I have a doula school coming soon, so perhaps you can join it if you decide to go that route. Stay tuned!

Here's a quick list of jobs you may want to consider when looking for work while pregnant:

  1. Food or grocery delivery service driver: Try to avoid driving people for your sanity and health and consider having someone go with you to make it fun and to help with heavier loads. Always remember to lift from a squat not bending over.

  2. Amazon-like type of delivery driving: Let's do that early on in the first and early second trimesters only and perhaps ask for light duty assignments only if you must work there for the entire pregnancy. If you've been working there a while it might be easy to ask for this, if you run into any issues consider asking your doctor or midwife for a note for light work duty.

  3. Online tutoring, try a place like or

  4. After school or Before School Programs at schools for recreational centers like YMCA

  5. Nanny or Babysitting, try or

  6. Postpartum or Sibling doula - @melaninmilksd - DM me if you want to go to my community doula school or join my collective to do these jobs if you are new to the birth world!

  7. WIC peer counselor this is a cool one because they want you to be a mom to apply!

  8. Just a little extra cash needed? Consider selling some of those pre-pregnancy clothes you know longer want or will be wearing on something like Poshmark. I did that on eBay to make some extra change when I had my first son and it helped a lot to get things like the stroller and carrier I wanted. You can also try blogging and doing videos to get free products if you have a niche that is worth selling.

Lastly, did you know you may be eligible for paid family leave, pregnancy disability and maternity leave as well as partner rights to paid family leave. If you are unable to work and you are pregnant and if you have ever worked and paid into SDI (social security disability insurance) then you likely qualify for this and you can learn more about applying and your rights here:

Having some legal issues or questions about pregnancy or breastfeeding gender based discrimination in the workplace? Check out this fantastic resource, someone I know through a training she did for my job which was awesome.

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