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Formula Shortage got you down? Try these tips to increase your breastmilk supply + reasons for dips!

Updated: May 31, 2022

So you think your supply is low?


Wanna know how to increase your milk supply? Keep reading!

Many lactating people anxiously think that they have a low milk supply, when their supply is usually fine, meaning established, regulated and with a happily growing baby.

You are not alone if you're worried about whether you're producing enough milk to feed your baby. This is totally normal, since you can't really see how much breastmilk your body is making or how much your little one is drinking the same way you can with bottle feeding. But trust me, there are plenty of ways to know that your baby is getting enough milk from you.

Most lactating parents make enough breast milk for their babies, in the early weeks many people make more than what their baby’s milk intake needs are. An average lactating person, with a full milk production routine established and maintained, will produce about 25-35oz milk per 24 hours. If the first month of exclusive breastfeeding is going well, your milk production dramatically increases from about one ounce (30 mL) on Day 1 to around 30 oz by day 40 postpartum. True low supply is believed to affect only 10% to 15% of lactating parents.

When the milk supply is adequate but other issues are at play like excessive gas or a growth spurt, that may be causing the fussiness coinciding with feeding times, leading parents to think their baby is not getting enough milk. When low supply does happen, it's usually temporary & with proper guidance you can do things to bring your supply back up.

The safest ways to increase your milk supply are to make sure your baby has a good latch, breastfeed or pump often, and maybe add some lactogenic foods to your daily eating habits.

Let’s take a look to see if your supply is truly low, and if it is, ways to address it!

We will learn:
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Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?