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Dance the baby to sleep!

Blast that music and get to werk!

Putting a baby down can be hard but it doesn’t have to be.

Use these 5 gentle calming techniques to soothe baby.

Sucking - Babies have a strong desire and need to suck. You don’t always have to be the one they are sucking on. Between feeds after a full feed a pacifier can be introduced. Try to wait for about 2-3 weeks before introducing it but if you just first day it’s ok.

Shushing - White noise like the fan, space heater or dishwasher can all be helpful in trying to get baby to sleep because that level of sound reminds them of the sound of cord blood rushing through the placenta cord in utero.

Snuggling - Some will say swaddle but there is controversy over it. I prefer snuggling tightly. Some babies love swaddle and some hate it. Do what works for baby. Baby wearing and skin to skin count for this step. Let them be close and smell you.

Side lying - This position helps their bellies to get any gas out. It is calming more so than on their back which presents a startle reflex that scares most babies. Then, they start wailing as soon as moved. In this position they will be relaxed and soothed. Their belly will have some gentle pressure and they will still be snug with you.

Swaying - Dancing, swaying, side to side motions are helpful because it reminds baby of the gentle bouncing and moving done while in the belly. I love to put on some music in the AirPods and dance while swaying the baby, seems to work like a charm and you get to keep your sanity.

This works for any parent or caregiver. Best wishes on your parenting journey!

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