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Melanin Milk was created by a passionate, progressive and experienced black doula & mom who believes every birthing person should have a fully-supported and empowering pregnancy and birth experience. 

Families and birthing come in all types, sizes and colors. Breastfeeding is not just a "mom" thing and not all pregnant folks identify as a cisgender, heterosexual and female. Hence, the language used in our birth work and on this site will remain as inclusive as possible at all times. Birth is also a dad, partner, and family event, so we will work with anyone who wants support.



Melanin Milk was birthed by Chardá Bell is a mom of 2 boys and a few bonus kids, Certified Lactation Counselor and Educator, Full Spectrum Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Parent Educator and IBCLC student. Pronounced (shar-day) rhymes with Hey!

Melanin Milk is committed to the wellness of families in mind, body, and soul with a focus on supporting families of color due to the Black Maternal and Infant Mortality crisis.

Chardá has 10+ years of personal and professional birth work experience positively impacting the lives of others. Chardá is on a mission to eradicate inequities and disparities through multi faceted support efforts such as eliminating barriers, networking to find trusted resources and offering mentorship, partnership or sliding scale fees. 

Born in 2021, Melanin Milk Community Doula School is coming to the birthing collective started by Chardá Bell who is a San Diego native defining her own lane in the field of reproductive health and wellness. From preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, perinatal loss, parenting and everything in between. “The dedication I put forth to the birthing and parenting community of San Diego is a part of my lifeblood and shows in my work. Everything I do is meant to uplift, empower and celebrate black family wellness and resilience. My focus on local marginalized communities with regard to maternal and family health with a particular emphasis on the southeast area of San Diego, where I was raised from birth until my teen years and where majority of my family still resides. 



Birth Doula

We have a la carte & package pricing, and offer sliding scale fee based discounts based on income for birth doula work. We are a Jennie Joseph National Perinatal Task Force designated Perinatal Safe Spot for Marginalized families. Black, Brown, LGBTQ+ are safe and welcome here! Looking for a birth center? We recommend SD Community Birth Center

Postpartum Doula

Assisting families within three months after birth (known as the fourth trimester). Our job is to integrate this new tiny human into the family and help the family manage during this transition. We provide support, not only to the person who gave birth but to partners, siblings, and other family members. This period of time can come with many unexpected challenges and having someone around to provide support and guidance can be #worthit

Sibling Doula

Many parents ask, should I bring my children to the birth? If I do, who will watch them if things are too intense? Are they allowed to be at the hospital? What will they do? For parents that decide not to bring siblings to the birth, who will be able to drop what they are doing in order to watch them? A Sibling Doula can  be the solution for your family. Many families, having a new baby are without trusted family members living locally or even a babysitter who is willing to be “on call” for an extended time while you have your new baby. We will stay with your child at the birth until new baby has arrived!

Milk Doula

Like a birth doula for your breastfeeding journey. We will assist you with your goals and help you re evaluate them over time. Referrals made to clinical breast/chestfeeding support as necessary, we recommend San Diego Breastfeeding Center.

Fertility & Family Planning Doula

The journey to conceiving a child can sometimes be long, difficult, and lonely - but it doesn’t have to be. The support of a fertility doula can help you with the  holistic, emotional and informational support along your journey to conception. Whether, you’ve just begun trying, you’ve just received an negative fertility diagnosis, or are doing IVF. As an experienced full spectrum doula, we can support you through conception to postpartum. Give yourself and your baby the healthy start you both deserve. Preconception wellness packages are available for ongoing care. In addition, we provide guidance and support on family planning options.

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Trusted Local Resources


Root+Soul SD

Dr. Shani Cooper, LMP

Dr. Shani Cooper, LAc, DACM is a Naval Veteran, Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She is also a Black female, mom, and doula! How can you not want to have all of your wellness sessions covered with this amazing woman?!

I go to her for keeping my body in good working order and as a stress reduction tool. I highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant, trying to get pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. She works wonders on moms in their fourth trimester looking for some holistic and alternative care methods to recover from birthing whether traumatic or not. 

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w/Spshelle, MPH, Mom, Doctoral Student

This week I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Spshelle about Maternal Mental Health Conditions. What they are, how to spot 'em and what to do if you notice them. Watch the video for resources! Available on YouTube and IGTV.



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