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Passion + Purpose

At Melanin Milk we provide culturally competent and relationship based perinatal and lactation care. We offer doula support that honors and nurtures the beauty of all fertility, pregnancy and new parenthood journeys. A doula serves as a constant presence of support and an emotional anchor for the client, whether they are growing a family, pregnant and postpartum parents. A doula will offer education, serve as an advocate, and help with comfort measures, mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning. Doulas are trained professionals experienced in childbirth, we are certified. 

We will arrange a safe and professional in-home visit anywhere in San Diego or Temecula. Virtual clients can be anywhere in the world. We believe in promoting health equity for all and respect the Kumeyaay lands we provide our services on. We are unique in that we use our ancestral roots to provide you with wisdom and knowledge, obtained through our own generational motherhood and parenting experiences to help guide your journey. In addition, we teach and promote evidence-based education and support services to our clients and community. 

Our packages are comprehensive, wherever you are along the journey, you will feel empowered and supported from beginning to end. Contracts must be signed and deposits must be made on packages to secure a spot on the birth calendar. We offer our sliding scale fees and discounts for People of Black or African Descent and Healthy Start clients to improve rates in the Black Maternal Health Crisis.

Perinatal Investment

Certified Doulas starting at $1,800. Doula Trainees available starting at $800. All packages require a 10% deposit by the first visit to hold your birth on the calendar. Doulas are not medical professionals; You will be paying for continuous emotional, mental and physical support for pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum. Packages are non-negotiable.

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Prenatal + Birth

Pregnancy and birth doula support allows you to relax and benefit from education, advocacy and hands-on help from your doula from pregnancy test to immediate postpartum. 

  • (3) 1-hr prenatal visits

  • (2) 3 hr postpartum visits

  • 24 hours hands on birth support; on call from 37 - 42 weeks

  • Comfort measures, aromatherapy, mindfulness

  • Spinning babies exercises 

  • Nutrition + lifestyle assessment

  • Parenting + newborn prep

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Postpartum + Parenting

​Our postpartum and new parent doula is like having a nanny but for yourself. You deserve all the things and we firmly believe the ideal rest and recovery time for a birthing person should be 40+ days. New parenthood can feel like a vulnerable stage of life transition and overall there is a general lack of support for new parents themselves as the emphasis is placed on the baby, but we are here to change that. 

  • (5) 3 hour weekly visits

  • Lactation support in-home

  • First 40 Days; rebirth & ritual baths

  • Holistic postpartum self care plan

  • 40 day plan (5) 90 min weekly visits in first 6 weeks


Milk Doula

​Like a doula for your breast/chest feeding journey! Ongoing lactation support visits for 5 weeks, does not have to be used consecutively. Stay in your pj's we come to you! 

  • (5) 1-hr lactation support visits

  • Includes weight check

  • Assessment & Updates to Plan of Care

  • Referrals as necessary

  • Lactation item recommendations


Drop In Visits

​Don't want to hire a full time doula? Just need a few check ins along your journey from someone knowledgeable and has your best in mind? We compliment your care team with this support offering.

  • Prenatal

  • Preconception/Fertility

  • Postpartum

  • Night Doula

  • After Hours / Emergency Lactation

  • Baby development screening


Bereavement & Loss Support

​We understand that some journeys, whether planned or unexpected, may lead to a loss and we support people and families who are experiencing miscarriage, termination or infant loss. There is no required charge. Any donations will be graciously accepted. 

  • Lactation support after loss

  • Support Group & PMADs  

  • Therapy resources

  • Spiritual & emotional guidance

  • Infant and maternal loss navigation


Fertility & Wellness

​A holistic mind-body approach for the birthing person on their journey towards pregnancy whether naturally or assisted. If undergoing IVF or IUI we will attend your appointments and transfer if you’d like. You can be trying to conceive naturally and have weekly mood check ins to keep you motivated and empowered in the process. Hand holding relationship based care from a trauma informed lens. 

  • 90 days pre-mester reproductive wellness cleanse

  • 40 days postpartum recovery and wellness

  • Rebirth, Ritual Baths & Womb Closing

  • Parent life coaching, family planning, weaning

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DIY Doula

Don't need a package, just want select supports individually? No worries, we got you! Minimum hourly rate for most offerings are $99/hr. You can build your own package from the a la carte offerings.

  • comprehensive movement and breath work class

  • childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding education

  • resources and recommendations


Classes & Trainings

  • DIY Doula - comprehensive childbirth

  • Milk Milk Baby - lactation basics

  • Milk Makin’ 101 - pumping basics

  • Tiny Human 101 - newborn basics

  • 4th trimester - postpartum basics

  • Baby School - first 12 months  

  • Breastfeeding for Doulas - w/ Robin of SDBFC

  • Community Doula School 

  • Birthing While Black Class

  • Mommy + Me Yoga

  • Pre/Postnatal Yoga

  • First 40 days - holistic postpartum

  • Let's Do It! Pre-mester wellness

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