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Werewolf Week - How I Manage PMS & PMDD Symptoms

This week has been full of ups and downs, I'm emotionally exhausted from all the catastrophic events that have occurred in my life the last 14 days. It doesn't help that I'm on my cycle, however, if I wasn't managing my PMDD I don't know how I'd make it through this one to be honest.

One way I manage it is through art, coloring books are a quick easy go to but when I'm feeling like I need to slow down, I get the paint out. See how I use art/painting to manage my PMDD symptoms.

A few other coping methods I use:

  • Candles, aromatherapy, color therapy

  • Counseling / Therapy - 1x a month but at times of crisis or change I go 1x a week

  • Spiritual Baths

  • Medical cannabis tinctures

  • Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic

  • Weighted blanket and naps

  • Time off / Mini Vacation / Sick Time

  • Church, volunteering, prayer, meditation

  • Eating iron rich foods

My more extreme interventions include, treating myself like someone locking a person in a room that changes to a werewolf every full moon, like one of my favorite shows called Being Human. I started locking myself in the bathroom to sit and cry in the shower to release hormones or turn off the lights and use a light machine and playing a special playlist I made that helps me calm down instantly anytime I hear it, I've conditioned myself psychologically with these methods. This is where the idea of werewolf week comes from, the idea that "the wolf" is coming and needs to be tamed. Instead of allowing myself to get into this bad funk and let it rub off on others, I'm learning to keep myself away from them by any means necessary. Sometimes that means turning the phone off for a few hours or a day(s) or checking into a hotel for the day/night when I feel the symptoms coming on stronger. These symptoms are emotional hormonally driven and cause intense feelings. It often causes disruption in my love life, which is problematic, and my own desires.

My entire daily supplement regime is kind of a lot, but after over a year of tracking my body, I think this is the best combination for my needs. During the week or two leading up to my cycle, I get a bunch of gnarly symptoms that feels like I'm hitting puberty all over again. I get acne, mainly on my chin, tension headaches, migraines, loose stools, low energy and decreased appetite and libido. Not to mention the emotional rollercoaster that me and my partner go on for a week prior to the actual first spot of blood. I mean it's brutal, I can cry and laugh within the same 10 mins, often feeling like the joker or Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde type situation. I notice I became increasingly agitated easily and my response to any type of actual of perceived rejection becomes a heightened emotional reaction. When this is happening, I know that it's the side effects of PMS and I just try to keep it from turning to full on PMDD. In order to prevent full on PMDD and oftentimes it completely banishes PMS for me, I start a different supplement routine during ovulation time which is usually when these symptoms begin.

  • CBD Drops - Plain Jane - chills me out

  • Vitality Fruit - for healthy reproductive function overall

  • Alprazolam - last resort, prescribed by my doctor when shit really hits the fan

  • Blood builder vegan iron - for increased anemia during this time of blood loss

  • Rae vaginal balance - for the changes happening down there

  • Female hormonal balance blend - keeps my whole aura in line!

  • Probiotic by Friska - promotes healthy bacteria

  • Probiotic with dandelion and ginger, enzymes - helps calm the belly

  • Loving libido - helpful if this affects trying to concieve

  • Ashwaghanda 1400mg - for mood instead of lorezpam which I was previously on for anxiety and depression - doctor approved

  • Carditone ayuverdic herbs - for heart health, prescribed by my nurse Practioner

When it's not period time or werewolf week, I only take the ashwaghanda, carditone, probiotics, vitamin D, potassium and magnesium. If body aches are really bad and I don't only want to use topical CBD products, I will take occasional Tylenol or ibuprofen over the counter. However, these wreak havoc on my tummy, so I prepare it with mastic gum and DGL licorice root to protect the lining of my stomach when using NSAIDs or other prescriptions that may irritate the tummy lining. Those birth control pills there are the devil and I'm interested to see how much more balanced I'll be feeling after stopping them.

Do you or someone you know struggle with PMDD or PMS? Do not suffer alone, find what your secret combination of peace and health to get you through. You are not alone.

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