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Now Offering Mommy-Baby Yoga!

I recently did a yoga instructor certification to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga for families, more specifically the ones in my care. I love to be able to support my clients in different ways to reduce their stress levels for a more comfortable and pleasant pregnancy and/or birthing experiencing. More importantly, how to find fun and easy ways to connect them with their baby during the fourth trimester as they get acquainted with this new tiny human. It also brings about whole mama wellness, which if we have a happy mama we have a peaceful baby and family dynamic during the chaos of new parenting that's hard to find. I'm here to bring that balance!

Want to book a private group or individual session with me? Stay tuned because soon you will be able to book this directly on my website and trailer coming soon to My Youtube follow for the launch promo and discount code for the new year!

Had so much fun with my little doula baby "Big Erm" only me and his mama are allowed to call him that! Thankful to clients who love me enough to trust me with their babies for my doula shenanigans and continued learning and teaching.

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