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Human Milk Available on Amazon?!

Ok y'all I love me some Amazon, but Jeff Bezos has completely stepped out of his lane with this one. As I sat on Amazon looking for some new reading material and eyeing the new baby products available on the market. I was flooded with emotions when I saw this in my browsing recommendations. It was a supplement product called Trulacata, "The World's Only Supplement made from 100% Human Milk". I gasped and thought, while this is genius and great for immune systems, it deeply saddens me to know this is accessible AND acceptable for adults but not for babies/children? Now do y'all believe it when they say how valuable and precious this 'liquid gold' really is?

It's now being sold on Amazon and is working for many people who have Gastroinstetinal and respiratory issues, here's looking at you Corona. Yes, in fact a new study being done shows that Breastmilk might be the best way to "vaccinate" a child under the age of 2 years old.

In other words, breastmilk is truly being used as medicine to treat people and strengthen or further develop their immune systems. If that isn’t enough to “sell” you on the immunological healing factors of breastmilk I don’t know what else to tell you.

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