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Breastmilk Butter?! Here’s the Recipe

Want to add a little breastmilk to your baby's solid foods? Here's how!

"Everybody's so creative!" *In the voice of TanaraDoubleChocolate* on TikTok. #everybodyssocreative

This is a differently different way to incorporate breastmilk into your baby's food.

You can now you can slather your liquid gold onto a piece of bread!

Besides adding to purees or oatmeals, you can add to things like pancakes, crackers, or even tiny pieces of bread!

This is after 6 months with signs of readiness of course. I don't recommend offering solids before 6 months for choking hazards, immaturity of the gut and allergies.

Making Breast Milk Butter is So Easy! It doesn’t even require any additional ingredients or cooking tools other than a glass jar with a lid.

Try This Breast Milk Butter Recipe:


  • Breast milk, 1 – 2 ounces or more (depending on how much butter you want!)


  • Pour your breast milk into a clean jar and be sure to tightly secure the lid.

  • Shake as hard as possible for several minutes to “churn”, until breast milk thickens and becomes butter.

You can also substitute your breast milk butter in any recipe that would normally call for cow’s butter, like cake, cupcakes, cookies, or other yummy treats that your little ones may share and enjoy on a special occasion.

Note that the “churning” part of making your own breast milk butter is often the lengthiest and sometimes most tedious part of this otherwise super easy recipe. Some report shaking their breast milk jar for up to 30 minutes, while others recommend shaking for only 5 – 8 minutes or so.

The amount of time spent “churning” is likely dependent on how hard you are able to shake your jar, but don’t worry – You’ll know when your breast milk is becoming butter, as the texture and consistency will gradually change, thicken, and feel heavier in your jar as the liquid solidifies.

You can try one of those ice cream shakers if easier.

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