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Support & Services We Like

At Melanin Milk, we’re committed to providing the information you need to confidently make decisions regarding your birthing process and parenting.

Below you’ll find carefully curated list of unbiased resources on a variety of topics.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always ready to help. If you would like to be included on this list please contact us. 

Therapy for Black Girls

Black Legacy Now Campaign

SDBFC Foundation

Black Girls Smile

Hear Her Campaign

Perinatal Task Force


BIPOC Doulas + Birth + Body Workers

San Diego Based Only. All skinfolk ain't kinfolk but I definitely trust these Black folx in birthing spaces. If they/you are local and Black but not on the list, email me to ask about it. Unfortunately, I don't recommend all Black birth workers or organizations in San Diego.

Jarrah Foster


Lact Well - Jarrah is the first Black IBCLC in San Diego County, and one of my greatest mentors. Providing breastfeeding/chestfeeding and bottle feeding lactation services with kindness and care.


Doula + Lactation Counselor

NOLA doula and lactation services, supporting San Diego clients with the New Orleans touch. Rickie was trained and mentored by me (Charda)

Darynee Blount


Birth Roots Babies - offering home birth, water birth, prenatal, postpartum care. I have worked with her several times.

Emma Moreland

Midwife + Birth + Body

Certified Professional Midwife, BirthWorker, Bodyworker, Amateur herbalist, Basically a User of My Hands



Full Spectrum Doula. Birthworker. Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum. Bereavement and End of Life. Childbirth Education. She trained me.

Aaliyah Sade

Student Midwife + Doula + IBCLC

Homegirl Midwife - Reclaiming pleasure, wellness & joy in the full spectrum of our reproductive & sexual lives.


Midwifery Student + Doula

Mamas in Color - The Midwife Bitch aka Midwife Bae - a safe space for BIPoC birthing folx. birth worker + creator of Life&Spaces. decolonization work.


Birth + Placentas + Postpartum

Bump n Beyond - also a mama and former Melanin Milk SD client!

Leondra Smith

Birth + Postpartum Doula

Here to support, encourage, and educate. Birth and Postpartum Doula


Doula + Student Midwife + Childbirth Educator

Little Star Birth Services -
Empowering & supporting families through pregnancy & birth.

Tiana Barr

Doula + Yogi + Massage

Bleed to Bloom - Perinatal Massage Therapy. Birth & Postpartum Doula Services. Yogi & Instructor. Plant Food Enthusiast

Angie Ponce Smith

Full Spectrum Doula + Nanny

Mexican & Se Habla Español. Accepting birth & postpartum clients. Nanny services for older siblings. Momma practicing gentle parenting.

Carmen Elida

Birth + Placentas + Postpartum

Duality Heart Work. Queer. Black. Mexican. Ancestral Medicine.

Kashema Catrice

Black Doula + Midwifery Student

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Jasmine Cherry


The Sage Dealer - An Apothecary, Using plant wisdom to create balance

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