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Let’s Practice Feeding Holds!

I showed y’all what to do with your hands while feeding, but what about them feeding holds?! Even if it’s second or third baby, sometimes you forget, so I’m here with a friendly reminder.

👶🏾First get comfy, bring your baby to you and try these different holds until you find one that feels right for you and baby. You may have to switch it up during your journey as baby grows and the chest changes.

👩🏾‍⚕️If nothing feels quite right, find a trusted IBCLC for more help with positioning and latch.

✨Want to know how these positions help for different people and situations?

❤️Cradle - Feels familiar, comfortable and traditional. Baby’s head should be resting in your the crook of your elbow. Baby and parent should be belly to belly. Baby’s ear, shoulder and hip should be in a straight alignment.

🧡Cross Cradle - More control over baby’s head and your breast/chest. Baby’s head and neck should be resting in your hand. Baby and parent should be belly to belly. Baby’s ear, shoulder and hip should be in a straight alignment.

💛Clutch or Football - Larger chest folks, this one is for you! Helps have better control over your breast/nipple in relation to baby’s head. You will not smother the baby, their nostrils flare out so they can breathe.

💚Upright, Koala or Kangaroo - Eating upright, like us big humans helps with Gas/Reflux. If your baby struggles with gas symptoms or is diagnosed with reflux, this position will be your jam.

💙The Slide - Not really a position, but I made it one! I use this to help slide the baby from one side to the other during the feed without disrupting the feed with a lot of movement. Helps for babies with tightness so they have side preference or for babies with torticollis. From a cradle or cross cradle on the left, unlatch and slide baby over to the right into a football/clutch hold. Their head and neck should be facing the same way as the other side.

💜Side Lying - Super relaxing and easiest in the bed, can also be done on floor. This can help you get more sleep and practice dream feeds (feed when baby is drowsy). Remember to have baby belly to belly and body in alignment. If you are afraid of dozing off, put a timer on or ask a support person to take baby when feed is done and put in bassinet next to bed.

🤎Laid Back - Chill position that allows for a deep latch & works with gravity for a slower flow. Best if baby is having latch issues, helps prevent back pain and good to watch TV in or scroll on social!

🖤The Dangle - Great position for plugged ducts! Again working with gravity, leaning over the baby on the floor or bed, some even do this in the car. It pulls the milk down and out for maximum relief.

Read through my blog for more tips or book a consult on my website!

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