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Black Owned Brands & Businesses for Baby, Child and Maternity Products! Part I

I've been on a mission to find more Black owned baby and maternity products this year.

Proudly Co. is serving us well, thanks Dwayne and Gabi. However, what about also supporting our smaller Black owned businesses like TinkyPoo, which is a Black owned diaper and wipe brand.


I also like to support Black children's book authors. I am very thorough when it comes to picking them too. It can't just have a picture of a little Black child on the front and then open it up to the back and the author is white. We not doing that using us as diversity clout thing for the kids y'all.

When you support a Black-owned business, you can help advance the Black community economically which helps us in the fight against financial inequities. It also helps continue to create new career pathways, entrepreneurship and opportunities for Black folks who are often times dismissed from the thought of being placed in a high level position within non Black owned companies. We can also help close the gap within Black and gendered wage disparities at a higher level and even the playing field for representation within the marketing world. I don't know about you but I'm tired of only seeing white moms and babies on maternity ads and Black women only on formula ads when we know that's not how the world really looks.

We all deserve to win, and when you help other well deserving like minded Black folks down for the cause, we are also helping ourselves. No crabs in a barrel syndrome here, we are only about uplifting the community at Melanin Milk SD, hence the name!


So, I searched the internet for you to have a few good Black owned baby, child and maternity product lines in one place. If you'd like to add to this list please contact me I'd love to hear from you!

Skip ahead to what you're here for:

Cloth Diapers
Disposable Diapers
Skincare + Wellness + Lactation
Toys & Dolls
Baby Gear & Furniture



Stina & Mae is named after TWO badass mother Black females, the owners grandmother and great-grandmother! This Black female fashion journalist and mother named Mishell, took her family legacy and created a very vogue-ish style baby product line that I'm so in love with and would have another baby just to buy their stuff lol. I love the sophistication of this line for parents who are looking for less bright and more neutral. Babies can be posh too! They do have bright things too like their strikingly gorgeous rainbow blanket, probably the best rainbow baby blanket I've ever seen. The teething blankets are also my favorite here. They also sell reusable nursing pads and I'm a huge fan of that! - available on their site, Target and Nordstrom

The Rooted is like one of my super favorite Black owned brands right now both for their values and style. The Rooted Baby Co. was founded by Black mother, Alfreda Abena mother. Her reason for creating this line was to share her roots and love for Ghana with her son (Noah Kofi) and the littlest members of our villages. This brand offers bibs, bows, swaddles and more—all handcrafted with authentic African print fabrics and inspired by the motherland in which we come from. Their tagline is "Rooted in Love. Rooted in Culture." According to their website, a! Akwaaba means "Welcome" in the Akan language of Ghana, West Africa. So not only will you find nice things but you will also be immersed in the West African culture by becoming educated on Ghana's rich heritage and be able to pass it on your pride and knowledge to the next generation from their family to yours. Please be sure to read the about us section of their website to learn more about Ghana and it's beautiful culture..

Afro Unicorn - is owned and founded by April Showers, it is a Black women owned and operated children's clothing line that sells the most adorable unicorn with an afro that you will ever see. The fact that this unicorn has an afro brings so much joy to my heart in showing that our little Black kids need to see themselves everywhere. They may not identify with that little straight hared unicorn that the book, shirt or backpack represents the image of whiteness, but this little afro babyyyyy, that can be everything for a little Black girl. I know it is everything to me, so much so that when I saw it finally get a deal with Target stores, I was geeked and was trying to figure out who to buy something for, we have all boys except we have one teenage girl. The boys didn't want to wear the unicorn so I went ahead and got the largest shirt I could for myself haha! Don't judge or shame me, my inner child was screaming for it and my adult pocketbook said buy it, very affordable! Side note, I first saw this line at my mother in laws birthday party a few years ago, a Black woman was wearing it and said the lady was this new clothing designer and she was local, so I saw it before it became big. I'm so beyond happy for this lady and wish her all the success! You can also purchase on Amazon, Walmart, JCPenny, direct on her site and more! FYI - She is also the First Black-Woman-Owned Brand To Be Licensed In Major Retail Store. Three snaps for this woman, give her the flowers she deserves!

Ade + Ayo is a Black owned brand that has clothing made most mainstream more notably seen at Target during Black History Month 2023.

This company was started by Temidayo, a Nigerian Canadian Black mother now living in the United States. She decided to design and curate a collection of beautifully crated items that make African aesthetic practical for our little ones while making things modern and affordable for our families. Temidayo brings warmth, vibrance and joy of African cultures with this brand, it exudes Black excellence. There is a little bit of everything here from clothing to toys, accessories and crib bedding. Ade + Ayo” combines the Yoruba (Nigerian language) words for “crown” and “joy,” reflecting the pride and happiness children bring to their parents’ lives. I loveeee it.

Yinibini Baby clothing and accessories are made with environmentally friendly organic cotton fabrics and non-toxic inks. Soft, breathable organic cotton products for children, from newborn to 4 years old. This line is super cute and they have a fantastic website. I love the name, it's so fun to say! Soyini is the Afro-Latina owner of this shop and the illustrations on the items are her original work. They are based in D.C.

Shenelle Fuller is a Black mom who created Miles and Milan, a playful, fuss free and timeless baby, kid and family clothing line that mixes minimalistic fashion with thoughtful aesthetic. The brand is named after her niece and nephew. Miles and Milan is a brand that provides the basics in an effortless and current way. I love that this brand can grow with your child and even you can partake in a little matching session as she has adult clothing as well. This brand is definitely continuing to be on the rise and has been featured in over 10 major publications like Goop, TechCrunch and Oprah.

KaAns Designs is a parenthood lifestyle brand that is super fun and affordable. They like many on this list, have also been featured in many major publications like Buzzfeed, Huff Post and Oprah. Mama, Ashley and Dad, Kenny and their little gang of inspirations Aiden, Noah and Kensley created a brand that is inspired by the daily adventures of their family, namely their 3 children. Kaans creates tees and accessories for the whole family that speak parenting truths. The brand mission statement is “Get In The Picture” with a purpose to create products that encourage families to capture the big and little moments that mean the most. “I lost my mom as a young adult, and although we were super close, when she died, I didn’t have any pictures of us together. You know how it is- she never wanted to be in the photo because of her outfit, weight or her make up wasn’t done. Kids don't care about any of that, they just want you, and that love deserves to be captured. I love this brand and everything they stand for, my favorite item right now is their Mama Bag.

Little MuffinCakes believes that representation matters from birth. Their mission is to provide high-quality merchandise that reflects the diversity and beauty in children in order to offer more inclusive products. I love their blankets and burp cloths. You can purchase online and in some stores like Buy Buy Baby.

If you are looking for some super cute kicks that are also podiatry friendly, for your newly walking babe look no further. Tippy Tot Shoes is the upper echelon for high quality designer toddler shoes. They offer an extensive collection of classic, vintage and retro designs. They are Black owned. For babies 3 months old to 2 years old.

Royal Nation is a Black owned clothing line for kids, finally something for the big kids! I was ecstatic to find this shop and discover some pretty dope clothes suitable for older siblings not just the babes. Each piece of clothing is based on an epic saga that includes diverse characters. Each item is also gender neutral and super high quality. Check out their website for more backstory on the prints. It's giving very young Jaden and Willow Smith vibes and I'n here for it.

Minibrook Co. is no small business, being that the owner is Nina Westbrook, wife of NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook, but she is definitely worth mentioning as she is a force to be reckoned with in this baby product industry. She is the founder and CEO of The Little Ark, an Oklahoma based children's boutique. Black mother to 3 children, she is a busy mom-preneur that created the amazingly stylish Minibrook Co. They have modern gender neutral muted hue clothing with a splash of tie-dye, definitely my vibe. Not to mention this mama has a focus on mental health, as she is also a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist (LFMT). What can't this supermom do?! If you are looking for a new clothing line for your baby's fashions check them out

The HBCU Kid was founded by Joy Matthews, CEO. Joy is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and a proud graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. During her matriculation at UAPB, she also became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The HBCU Kid brand identity is inspired by her son Bryson, former Little Mr. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 2013-14. The apparel is designed not only to promote, educate, and inform others about Historically Black Colleges and Universities, it is meant to be used as a symbol of pride for those who consider themselves HBCU Kids.

“Where Education is acquired, where Heritage is embraced, and where Legacy is kept alive.” – Joy Matthews, CEO

Seviin is a brand created out of celebration of her miracle babies and in uplifted in positivity and joy around the number 7 and what that means to the founder Alayna.

Who for years dealt with the possibility of not being able to have kids, endometriosis, thyroid disease, pre-term labor, and high risk pregnancies all at the age of 24, which led her to dedicating this shop to them because they have been her reason for everything. At 29 weeks she was bedridden with her first son. After countless hours spent searching for baby clothes, she couldn’t help but realize that children’s garments are filled with slogans, sayings, prints, patterns and everything else in between. The simple, neutral, and high quality clothes couldn’t be found as easily; from there SEVIIN was born. Seviin is an affordable, comfortable and stylishly modern brand for babies and children. You can't tell me the Black maternal health crisis ain't real! I'm so sad this mother went through this but I'm happy to see how beautifully her life has evolved after reproductive struggles.


Cloth Diapers

Shine Cloth - This is my favorite Black owned cloth diaper brand. There are a few more I will add to this list but this one takes the cake for me. Created by Deja for "her sunshine" her son Jay. A Black young mom and student, she made this brand because she said cloth diapering literally changed her life. It was the more economical option versus disposable diapers which can break the bank for many folks let's be honest, babies go through a lot of them in the early months. This mama took her own struggle and turned it into someone else's joy and I absolutely love that. She said she couldn't keep choosing between eating or diapers, a choice no one should ever have to make but we do. She also had a baby who was sensitive to many of the additives in disposable diapers, which is common. She decides to do some research of her own to find a solution which was to create her own cloth diapers. Deja is such an inspiration and I support everything she stands for. Her cloth diaper line has a flair for the Black and Proud, Social Justice, and Black Pop Culture. Shine Cloth Diapers is proudly Black Sewn and Black Owned.

CooperRose Baby is a Black owned brand that sells eco swanky style cloth diapers, baby carriers, nursing pads and more. The prints are beautiful! They believe in small batch manufacturing and local craftsman