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Do you schedule your baby’s feedings?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Feeding your baby when they are hungry as supposed to scheduling their feedings is beneficial for both baby and parent. Your baby doesn't come with a built in clock, so likely they are not timing their own feedings. Try the go with the flow approach when it comes to feeding and see how much happier baby will be, how much less stress you will have and how much easier it really can be.

On demand feeding is not spoiling your baby, and actually you can't really do that. Feeding your baby on demand is easy, watch for baby hunger cues before they get to the last cue which is crying, and you will be golden.

It may seem tiring or draining for you at first if you aren't used to it but this will ensure you are making the right amount of milk for your baby's needs. Don't forget, baby's go through growth spurts in which they cluster feed, this is nothing to be alarmed by, but it is an excuse for yourself to add some extra calories to your diet too, so treat yourself!

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