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Melanin Milk SD was birthed by a passionate, progressive and experienced Black doula & mom who believes every birthing person should have a fully-supported and empowering pregnancy, birth & postpartum experience.

Families and birthing come in all types, sizes and colors. Chest/Breastfeeding is not just a "mom" thing and not all pregnant folks identify as a cisgender, heterosexual and female. Hence, the language used in our birth work and on this site will remain as inclusive as possible at all times. Birth is also a dad, partner, and family event.

Get the relationship based support you've been seeking. Not currently accepting doula clients, check back later! Lactation support & birth planning only. Offering business to business curriculum development, doula training, mentorship, teaching for organizations and institutions.


Mom Powered. Family Approved.

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Chardá Bell is a mom of a blended family 2 birth + 3 bonus. My name is pronounced Shar-day

IBCLC-pending, Certified Lactation Counselor and Educator, Full Spectrum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Parent Educator, Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Teacher, Friend to many Mamas & Babies!


I'm NOT accepting doula clients.

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Karly Nuttall Midwife

🌿 I provide midwifery care
🎧 Creator of #birthkweenspodcast & Midwifery Finishing School (MFS) 
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"I've personally used Karly as a midwife and love her approach to care." --Charda

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Milk Doula

Lactation Support

Consults can be booked here, like a birth doula but for your chest/breastfeeding journey. On an as needed basis, book appts when you need them a la carte, no packages. Many lactation issues can be solved on the first appt with positioning and latch corrections/education, but most will require a follow up to ensure good weight gain and effective milk transfer over a period of time. I will assist you with your feeding goals and help you evaluate them over time, like your favorite sister who has breastfed over 100 babies! Second opinions and referrals will be made to Lact-WellSan Diego Breastfeeding Center

Birth Planning

For Chest/Breastfeeding Success

Book Here. Don't have a doula but would still like someone to help guide you through creating your birth plan? I can do that with a doula's touch! Birth plan is not something that guarantees the way your birth will go, but rather a set of tools and options to have along the way to help create a more positive birthing experience as well as postpartum. If you are concerned about how breastfeeding will go, I can help you create a birth plan that will make your breastfeeding journey get off to a good start. Birth experience and outcomes are directly tied to lactation. Let me explain on a consult!

Doula Training & Mentorship

Lighting Your Path to Birth Work

I offer doula training and mentorship to both organizations/institutions as well as individuals seeking to learn how to become a doula and practice comfort measures on real pregnant people. I provide mentorship to those seeking information on pathways to become a trained or certified doula. As well as helping you figure out what kind of doula you want to be, there are many types of doulas! Let's Connect.

Curriculum & Program Development

Professional Birth Workers

I offer curriculum, content and program development for institutions and organizations that are seeking guidance from an experienced birth worker and entrepreneur. I can develop curriculum, teach it, and consult with you on your program goals. I can offer one or all of the services mentioned, not limited to just these items. If you have something else in mind, I'm open to discussing! Will travel for work, independent freelance contractor option only. Hospitals, clinics, universities, doula training programs are some examples of businesses I work with currently and in the past. Let's Talk!

NOT accepting doula clients. Lactation support & birth planning only! Please use the "book" tab above to schedule a consult. No advice will be given by email, text or DM.


We make pregnancy, birthing & chest/breastfeeding a relaxing and fun experience!

If you're looking for a curriculum development, doula training or a lactation consultant, let's chat!

*I'm NOT accepting ANY new birth or postpartum clients. 

Born & Raised in San Diego, CA

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